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Performance Car Repair & Maintenance

Your vehicle may be trying to tell you something – Oil Life Monitoring Systems let you know when it’s time for an oil change. And our Certified Service experts can recommend what’s best for your vehicle. Schedule an appointment today.

Simply, anything and everything about car repair service in Pasadena has been mastered by our team. It can either be brake repair, or clutch repair & replacement in Pasadena, CA. Or for that matter, a diagnosis and evaluation services after completing 60,000 miles or nearing 90,000 miles. Burbank Motor Works is always up for the task. No one understands car repair & maintenance better than us. We’ve got more than 20 years of experience in this exclusive service domain.

Think about a radiator repair or replacement, Axle / CV Joint Repair, automatic or manual transmission repair, four wheel drive systems repair, we are a call away. Our Husco mechanics consists of welders, fitters, turners and car electricians that best know their trade. Everything about auto repairs in Pasadena is in our service dictionary.

If you’re searching for a self-sufficient brake repair facility in Pasadena, our is the workshop to visit. Not just brakes, we repair, maintain and replace all components of an automobile. Starting from the very basic wheel & tire replacement, to engine transmission.


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